Welcome to appswarehouse.de

Our AppsWarehouse® is similar to a department store, where the needed apps to design business management solutions can be obtained.

This provides the users and other interested parties with information about all the apps that are available in the AppsWarehouse® , in order to help companies manage their businesses flexibly and holistically. The information is easily accessible by pressing F1 key to navigate through the help pages from the individual dialog windows where the functionalities of each app are described in detail.

For technical information about the ClassiX architecture and our CyberEnterprise® digital platform, please visit www.instantview.org. It  describes among other things how to write your own apps or modify the existing apps to suit your needs without losing the release capability.

The concept and the vision of the ClassiX architecture are described on www.cyberEnterprise.de.


AppsWarehouse® Support
Overview of the support offer for our customers and further support documents (training materials, tutorials, downloads)


Octopus digital solutions
Atop our ClassiX architecture and with the components of our AppsWarehouse® referential model, we developed a standardised solutions, wich can be adjusted to any situation fast and cheap.


Appswarehouse® Functionality
List of all apps by functionality.


AppsWarehouse® Programming
First introduction to the technical documentation of the apps. Further technical information can be found at www.instantview.org


ClassiX wishes you total satisfaction while browsing and reading through our pages!