Changed parts requirement items

Completion of change management


This module is used to find parts request items that have reduced requirement quantities due to cancellations or secondary planning. It is possible to release (partial) quantities that have already been planned and are no longer required, or to cancel the planning (return document, goods storage, cancellation of the order, ...).


This list contains all parts request items for which more goods have been planned than are still required after cancellation or creation of an auxiliary planning run.

Is considered as already disposed:

Procurement type shall be deemed to have been disposed of if...
Storage reservation Goods withdrawal created
Construction contract A sequence of operations has been reported complete or a subset has been provided
Order request Order created from BA

Further processing :

Procurement type in progress ...to be finished by...
Storage reservation Create and post goods storage
Construction contract

1. put away excess quantity: cancel production order item by putting away the quantity already created. The material withdrawals already made for this production order must be put away again, unless they have been consumed by the start of the production order. If the complete material withdrawal has already been consumed, it must also be canceled by force.

2. lock: Have the production order item finished and store the resulting semi-finished product. This is done by shifting the BOM item into either an advance requirement (if the main requirement trigger is a sales order) or into a new stock order (if the main requirement trigger is a stock order). From here, the production order can be completely processed further.

Another possibility is to change the production order position via the toolbar button  delete.png on the item if, for example, the goods have only been processed, and therefore the raw material has already been changed and is no longer usable.

Order request 1. create storage: The quantity that has already arrived by goods receipt and is no longer required can be put away using this button

2. create a return document: The received goods are sent back to the supplier via a return document. A return document is created

3. cancel the order: The NOT DELIVERED order can be cancelled with this button.

Via the toolbar button  delete.png old part requests can be marked as completed, i.e. they lose their "STOP" status and are thus deleted from change management. When the part request is completely posted, it is also deleted from the MRP account. All subsequent documents are retained and must be processed independently if necessary, i.e. old open orders will certainly no longer arrive, e.g. because they were not sent by the supplier, and can therefore be deleted manually. In this case the old order would have to be marked as "completed" or cancelled. The same applies to the requisition. THIS HAPPENS BY MARKING DONE NOT AUTOMATICALLY!!

Menu item Description
Edit -
Close Close window
Navigate -
: : Parts requirement trigger
: : : Parent(s)
: : Allocated part(s) -
: : : List view
: : : Tree view
Symbol Description
 CX_ITEM.png Edit part
 CX_PRODUCT.png Display production part
 CX_STOCK_log.png Display stock movements
 CX_STOCK_on.png Show stock level
 CX_DISPO_ACCOUNT.png Display disposition movements
 CX_STOCK_ACCOUNT.png Show logistics account
 CX_ITEM_use.png Show parts usage
 tree.png Display document history
 CX_BILL_OF_MATERIAL.png Display parts list
 CX_JOB_SCHEDULE.png Edit work plan
 CX_PRINTER_hardcopy.png Print list
 copytoclipboard.png Copy to clipboard
 delete.png Mark object as completed, see
Search fields
Field Description
Mission Sales order number, or by confirming the field without changes, all open positions are displayed in the change management
Part Search for a part number
1. fert. Search for a production order with position
Part 1 Search for the 1st part number in a production order
Last AFO Work centre of the last work sequence of the production order

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Completion of change management

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In addition to restricting access rights via the class and its data fields, the module can be restricted in its use via some of the received messages.

Received messages
Message Parameters Function Security
LIST_CHANGED_ITEM_DEMAND_LOGGINGS Collection from part request items or NULL, then all from the corresponding status monitor are automatically displayed

Sent messages
Message Parameters Function Receiver module
... ... ... ...

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