Text article

Text article


In addition to the normal sales articles, spare parts and service units, there are other types of parts in order to enter an order. Here, the text articles are in constant competition with the unspecified variant parts. The text articles represent the typical disposable article, which is really only sold rarely and/or only once.
In contrast, the unspecified variant part can only be precisely defined in the order, but is nevertheless often sold in a similar form. For example, an unspecified variant part could be a PC with a purchasing role to determine a main supplier.


Capture of text articles

The entry of text article items in the order or quotation begins like the entry of each item via Insert - Item - "corresponding type". The difference is that no article is inserted. If you now save the item, a text article is automatically created. In addition, the field in which the article is normally displayed is replaced by a field for entering a short term.

Since no master information is available for the text article, the information of the order item must now be entered manually. Apart from the price, one of the most important factors here is the article description, since otherwise the item will appear largely empty in the press proof and no one will know which article it is in the further processing.

Technical approval/further processing


Further processing by the purchasing department

In order for the purchasing department to be able to take action, it is necessary that the data, which is normally defined in the order role and automatically transferred, is set in the requisition by the user. This primarily includes the supplier, the negotiated or determined price and the order text, whereby the order text is taken from the order item (corresponds to the article description).

The path from the requisition to the order is then the same as that of a normal order item, just as the provision by the goods receipt.

Operational business