Selected topics

Selected topics

These are cross-divisional topics that are intended to deepen the understanding of the ClassiX® system.

Brief technical overview

Describes the functionality of AppsWarehouse® SOA Services as well as the InstantView® multi-tier architecture and product integration.

First steps

Here you will find information for your first steps in ClassiX®. This includes basic information about ClassiX® and tips for navigating the system as well as user instructions.

System functionality

Here you will find such topics, which are available as basic functionality in the ClassiX® system to the user as well as to the developer. Because ClassiX® supports its customers in making all adjustments and even programming on the system itself.

Office functionality

Topics that revolve around the support of your general daily work by ClassiX® are compiled here. This concerns the support of communication by ClassiX®, the work with favourites and task folders, and e.g. the workflow supported editing of processes.

Master Information

Master information includes data which - once created in the database - is not changed much and is referenced by transaction data (documents).

Variant Management

From a sales point of view, a high number of variants, up to and including any customer-specific adaptation of a company's products, is highly desirable. From the internal point of view of the manufacturing company itself, however, this results in a high degree of complexity for all business processes involved.

Business vouchers

All transaction data are uniformly treated and processed in ClassiX® as so-called business documents. In sales, for example, these are documents such as quotations, orders or invoices, in purchasing they are orders or delivery reminders, in merchandise management it is a stock removal document, in financial accounting a posting document, etc.

Operational business