GR documents in a business process status

GR documents in a business process status


The module can be called as a selection module or as a provision module:

  1. Selection window for the different states of the documents from the goods receipt business process (these are goods receipt items, quality assurance items and direct delivery items), see e.g. goods receipt from goods receipt - selection of goods receipt/quality assurance items with the status "goods to be put away".
  2. Provision module for incoming goods items.


After selecting a goods receipt status, all the goods receipt items that are in the selected status are displayed in the list. If there are more than 500 items, you will be asked, "Do you really want to list all items? If you answer "Yes", all items are displayed, if you answer "No", you can narrow down your selection using the search fields.

Selection module

You can select one or more transactions and transfer them with the OK button. If you select a transaction by double-clicking, the corresponding input window is called up.

Deployment module

Goods receipt items can be partially or completely provided in the module (each goods receipt for a sales order (purchase or production) and also goods receipts for the parts to be installed (level>0) in production to stock (stock order). If the goods receipt item should not be provided, please check the order type in the order item.

Goods receipt for a preliminary requirement cannot be staged as long as the pre-planned quantity has not yet been distributed or released ("the goods are blocked for the requisitioner; only the requisitioner knows what is to happen further with the goods and in what quantity").

Goods receipts to be put into storage can also be put into storage from the module (also for disposable parts, for example an over-planned quantity of a disposable purchased part).

Unclear incoming goods

Via the menu item 'Activities - Logistics - Incoming goods inspection - Unclear incoming goods' the window 'Incoming goods items (Unclear)' opens,

in which all goods receipts are listed to which no purchase order has been assigned and thus automatically received the status "Unclear goods receipt". This status only changes if, for example, missing purchase orders are subsequently created and assigned or, in the case of incorrect postings, the quantities of older goods receipt documents are corrected so that the goods receipt can be assigned to the existing purchase order.

return delivery: If the QA department or another department returns all or part of the quantity, the documents must be recorded as follows.
Total return delivery: The documents and subsequent documents are to be posted with the quantity 0 pieces. For stock parts, the quantity 0 is also posted to the storage bin.
Partial return delivery: The receipts are to be booked with the OK quantity.
Error message: Dependencies are removed or overwritten when ordering. Assignment to part must be checked in the order.


List window

This window is used to list the goods receipt items.

Menu item Description
Edit -
: Select -
: : Select all positions All list entries are selected
: : : Deselect all positions The selection of list entries is cancelled
Selected positions -
: : Remove Selected entries are removed
: : Apply Selected entries are taken over
: Receipts -
: : Print selected items and provide delivered required quantity

The selected entries are printed and the requirement quantity covered by the goods receipt item is made available to the requester, i.e. a quantity less (if the delivery quantity is less than the requirement quantity) or equal (if the delivery quantity is equal to the requirement quantity) to the requirement quantity is made available.

If the delivery quantity is smaller than the requested requirement quantity, the goods receipt item goes into the status "Partially staged", if the quantity is the same, it goes into the status "Ready".

If the delivery quantity is larger than the required quantity, a remaining quantity remains which can be further processed with the following two menu selection points.

: : : Selected positions provide delivered required quantity without printing For selected entries, the required quantity covered by the goods receipt item is provided without printing.
: : : Selected positions Provide remaining quantity The remaining quantity is "added" to the order item found first. The goods receipt item goes to the status "ready". (Currently not supported yet).
: : : Partially provide selected position The selected entries are partially provided.
: : Selected position Store remaining quantity The remaining quantity of the selected entries is stored.
: : (Partial) deployment correction Concluding a still open part request with a correction document (no cancellation) !
Close Close window


Symbol Description
 tree.png Display document history
 CX_PRINTER_hardcopy.png Print transactions
copytoclipboard.png Exporting objects
 CX_ITEM.png Show part
 CX_PURCHASE_ITEM.png Show order item
 CX_STOCK_on.png Show stock level
 CX_STOCK_log.png Display stock movements
 CX_DISPO_ACCOUNT.png Display disposition movements
 CX_STOCK_ACCOUNT.png Show logistics account


Search fields
Field Description
Status Selecting the status
Number Search by goods receipt number
Item Search by goods receipt item number
Delivery note Search by delivery note number
Stock Search for 1. warehouse number
Place Search for 1. storage location number
Part number Search by part number
Shipment number Search by carrier number
Date Search by document date. You can search by a specific date or period (from - to).
Mission Search by order number


button Description
OK Select transactions
Close The window is closed.


Partially provide goods receipt item

Symbol Description
 tree.png Display document history


Field Description
Position Goods receipt document number with item number
Part Part number and description
Delivery quantity Delivery quantity according to receipt
Quantity required  
Available quantity Quantity not yet made available or stored
Quantity made available Quantity to be staged.


button Description
Make available Incoming goods item is partially provided.
Cancel The window is closed.


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GR documents in a business process status

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In addition to restricting access rights via the class and its data fields, the module can be restricted in its use via some of the received messages.

Received messages
Message Parameters Function Security


Sent messages
Message Parameters Function Receiver module
LOGGINGS_SELECTED Booking object, recipient Bookings were selected  
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