App Suites

App Suites

Atlas - World knowledge
Use worldwide data and standards.

CarPrio - used car trade
Handle the formalities involved in buying and selling your vehicles quickly and unbureaucratically.

Management of your cloud account and your booked apps

Eunomia - Time Management
Become an attractive employer through flexible working hours and home office offers.

GESTIN-77 - inventory sampling
Reduce your inventory costs by up to 95 percent. Guided, efficient and simple.

Hermes - Web Shop
Put your products on the Internet quickly and easily.

Hestia - WMS
Accelerate picking and other warehouse processes by efficiently and easily guiding your warehouse staff on the handheld scanner.

Juno - Extended CRM
Increase your market potential by making information about your business contacts available online anytime and anywhere.

Kalliope - Language Centre
Talk to our solutions in natural language

Klio - DMS
Create order in all your documents.

Pandora - IDE
Powerful development and application platform

Plutos - Accounting
Become very precise in your financial and asset accounting, cost accounting and project controlling.

Pythia - Anti-Terror Screening
Protect yourself and your company from breaches of the embargo regulations. Automatically check all your contacts against the sanctions lists of the EU, USA and other countries.

Salus - Ticket system
Increase customer satisfaction with transparent and efficient customer service.

Titanium - AI based ERP
Digitally cover all business processes from sales, shipping, purchasing, production and warehouse to financial accounting and cost accounting.

Vulcan - Variant management
Master and shape the diversity of your service spectrum far beyond the mere product configuration.

Operational business