App Suites


CarPrio - used car trade
Software for the purchase, sale and management of the vehicle stock.

Eunomia - Flexitime
Software for attendance and absence time management

GESTIN-77 - inventory sampling
Guided, simple, efficient - learn how you can reduce your inventory costs by up to 95 percent.

Hermes - Web Shop
Software for e-commerce

Hestia - WMS
The intelligent warehouse logistics solution.

Juno - Extended CRM
Software for the administration, organisation and control of all relationships that are important for the success of a company.

Kalliope - Language Centre
Dialogue with our solutions in natural language

Klio - DMS
Software for libraries and document management

Plutos - Accounting
Software for financial and asset accounting, cost accounting and project controlling

Pythia - Anti-Terror Screening
Protect yourself and your company from breaches of the export control system

Titanium - AI based ERP
Cover all business processes from purchasing, production, warehouse and shipping to sales.

Vulcan - Variant management
Master and design your diversity far beyond the mere product configuration.

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