CARPRIO - used car trade

CARPRIO UsedCar Trade

Handle all formalities for the purchase and sale of your vehicles quickly and unbureaucratically.

CARPRIO consists of a series of apps to relieve you of all the commercial formalities involved in buying and selling vehicles. An online connection to the Schwacke database helps you to do this. You can publish your vehicle inventory directly via an AutoScout24 interface.

The CARPRIO app is of central importance, as it allows you to view all the information about a vehicle at the same time.

can record. You are supported by an online connection to the Schwacke database, from which you can automatically transfer all necessary data by means of the vehicle identification number.

The creation of incoming and outgoing invoices is very simple, a connection to your financial accounting system is possible at any time.

But CARPRIO can do even more. Because it is based on our CyberEnterprise business OS.

With the functions

you have all the necessary information at your fingertips at all times, so that you can act quickly and successfully.

You can manage your system with additional functions of other apps from our AppsWarehouse.


CARPRIO is multi-client capable.


Extensive functionality to manage users and their access rights.


Apps to maintain business periods for proper accrual of sales. Also apps for public holiday and company calendars.


Operational business