GESTIN - Inventory sampling

GESTIN Inventory sampling

Reduce your inventory costs by up to 95%. Guided, efficient and simple.

With GESTIN, you no longer have to count your entire warehouse as part of your year-end inventory. GESTIN only searches for a few, few count items for you: If the error of this sample is sufficiently small, your book inventory can be confirmed as inventory stock.

The legislator has expressly permitted such a procedure. And of course GESTIN is certified by a renowned, internationally active auditing company.

The basic idea of inventory sampling is based on the assumption that the daily stock movements carried out in a warehouse (or only in a specific storage area) are basically not or only slightly incorrect with regard to inventory management, and that the book inventory of a warehouse management system is therefore basically correct.

By means of a statistically prepared stock census - with only a few random samples - exactly this assumption is checked.

If the deviation of this random sample count from the book inventory is within a framework recommended by auditors and auditing associations, the assumption of a fundamentally correct book inventory can be confirmed (extrapolated) for the entire warehouse examined, thus dispensing with a full inventory of the warehouse.

On the one hand, this means that only those warehouses whose book inventory balances are basically correct are eligible for inventory sampling. However, it is quite common to exclude from the statistical sampling those areas of a warehouse whose book inventory is known in advance to be rather inaccurate (e.g. general cut goods such as yard goods, residual material). For such storage areas a full inventory is still necessary.

On the other hand, it is also generally assumed that a warehouse management system is fundamentally not error-free, so in the end it is also a question of measuring the quality of a warehouse management system. Here, too, recognised statistical methods are helpful.

Inventory Processing

GESTIN has been specially developed to simplify the implementation of an inventory for existing ERP or merchandise management systems. By means of a powerful interface, data from the leading inventory system can be transferred to the GESTIN software, where it can be further processed for statistical evaluation.

GESTIN is an add-on to the comprehensive materials management modules in the AppsWarehouse® from ClassiX®.

Random physical inventory

The sample of parts and storage locations to be counted, drawn using recognised statistical methods, is issued as a count list. After counting and recording only this random sample, the result is extrapolated in a stratification, checked in a sequential test and - if the error rate is low compared to the book stock - the inventory is concluded as correct. Otherwise, the inventory sampling must be rejected.

General features

In addition to the special functionality for inventory sampling, GESTIN is characterised by the fact that it was developed on the CyberEnterprise digital platform. This means that a wide range of functionality is included as standard, such as:

Take a look at our Infothek and get your own impression of the versatility of our system!

Technical data

As part of the CyberEnterprise digital platform, GESTIN is fully integrated into a highly modern technical infrastructure. Whether as a stand-alone single-user installation or in a client-server environment, as a native application or as a browser application:

Release notes

GESTIN is continuously being further developed. The latest version is available for download for our maintenance customers. After installation of a new release, the system is automatically adapted when GESTIN is restarted.

Release Notes

Latest release

Release number: 6.0.8

Release date: 10.05.2020

Latest Patch

Patch number: 229405

Patch date: 23.11.2022 14:39 hrs


  • ObjectStore 2013.0 Update 23 MVC 2019
  • BIRT 4.9.0
  • ReadMe updated

Previous patches

Patch number: 220304

Patch Date: 09.12.2020 14:20


  • Update of the ReadMe-Classic.txt
  • Release is also displayed in the splash screen of the desktop app.

Patch number: 218447

Patch Date: 03.11.2020 14:03


  • Database update: ObjectStore 2013.0 Update 23
  • Support Windows Server 2019

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