PYTHIA - Sanctions list check

PYTHIA Sanctions List Check

Protect yourself and your business from embargo violations. Automatically check all your contacts against EU, US and other countries' sanctions lists.

With PYTHIA, business partners (companies and individuals) can be checked against the sanctions lists published by the EU, UK, CH, USA and UN. This can be done in two different ways - or in combination with each other:

  • Mass upload of business partners into a separate database (manually or via API), mass or individual matching (manually or via API) and manual maintenance of white and black lists in PYTHIA.
  • Individual matching via API. The API can be easily integrated into other applications to perform immediate queries.

PYTHIA keeps all sanctions lists up-to-date on a daily basis.

If matches are found during the matching process, these are logged, stored in a list of all hits and can be transferred to a blacklist or a whitelist after manual checking. Persons, companies or one-time addresses that are transferred to a blacklist can be automatically blocked in the host system for any business use.

At the end, each logged comparison should be processed so that all hits are listed either in the blacklist or whitelist. Hits already known from the whitelist are only automatically transferred back to a checklist to be checked if something has changed in the sanctions lists in this regard.

To obtain an initial overview, you can carry out a mass comparison without a log.

Main window

Pythia Main En

The sanctions list monitor has been directly integrated into the main window. This gives you direct access to current hits and allows you to manage your lists (black/white/check).
In the lower area, companies and persons can be imported manually and compared with existing ones.
This import updates existing entries and adds new entries. After the import, you can list all entries that were not part of the last import in order to set them to invalid, for example, via "Menu to app".
You can also compare your imported business partners with the sanctions lists or call up the sanctions list search.

    Sanctions lists

    The most current status of the published sanctions lists is imported into the PYTHIA anti-terror database on a daily basis. Each import is logged according to the extent of the changes (new, dropped, changed).

    All blocked companies and/or persons imported from the sanctions lists into the PYTHIA database can either be listed according to specific search criteria or specific companies and/or persons can be searched for.


    MS Outlook contacts or the personal and company data of the host or ERP system are automatically compared with the data of the PYTHIA anti-terror database. Each hit is reported and can be logged.

    Blacklists and whitelists are used to ensure proper and efficient screening of suspicious persons and companies.


    All automatically generated protocols for search, comparison or import are securely stored in the PYTHIA database and can be viewed at any time. You thus achieve a very high level of legal certainty.

    Sanctions list overview

    EU - Sanctions list of the European Union
    CFSP: EU Common Foreign and Security Policy List
    (to use this link you have to register with the EU to get a token number)

    CH - Sanctions list of Switzerland
    SECO: Total list of sanctioned persons, companies and organisations.

    UK - Sanctions list of the United Kingdom
    HMT: Consolidated list of targets

    UN - United Nations sanctions list
    Consolidated list of the Security Council

    US - Sanctions list of the USA
    CSL: Consolidated Screening List

    The US consolidated list has entries from the following lists (more information):

    Department of Commerce - Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)

    • DPL: Denied Persons List
    • UVL: Unverified List
    • EL: Entity List
    • MEU: Military End User List

    Department of State - Bureau of International Security and Non-proliferation (ISN)

    • ISN: Nonproliferation Sanctions

    Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)

    • AECA Debarred List: Arms Export Control Act

    Department of the Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

    • SDN: Specially Designated Nationals List
    • FSE: Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
    • SSI: Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List
    • PLC: Palestinian Legislative Council List
    • CAPTA: Correspondent Account or Payable-Through Account Sanctions (CAPTA) List
    • 561: The List of Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Part 561 (the Part 561 List)
    • PIB: Persons Identified as Blocked (PIB) Solely Pursuant to E.O. 13599
    • NS-MBS: Non-SDN Menu-Based Sanctions List
    • NS-CCMC: Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies (CMIC)

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