Overview of functionality


This page gives you an overview of the broad functionality and the concept of AppsWarehouse®. An alphabetical list of the Apps in AppsWarehouse® is available here.

Office functionality

Overview of integrated office solutions

Business processes

All AppsWarehouse® services are completely process-oriented. This section describes the passage of documents through the virtual CyberEnterprise® enterprise model.


It is best to use the index by business area to quickly find the topics relevant to you. For each of the business areas there is first a general introduction and then an overview of the AppsWarehouse®services available in the respective business area.

From these descriptions you can access the documentation, which a user can access by pressing the F1 key (help key).


At the end of a month or a financial year, closure operations are necessary to compile statistics and balance sheets.

Quality assurance

Since inconsistencies in the data can occur due to operating or program errors, regular checks should be performed as part of quality assurance.

Selected topics

The selected topics are intended to present some cross-divisional concepts and issues.

In addition, the experienced user can gain insight into all user-specific levels of the CyberEnterprise business OS via the search and indexes in the left-hand area.

Operational business