Roles - Processes


Legal entities (companies), natural persons and parts are initially stored in the database as core business objects completely independent of their use. If a company becomes or is a customer or if a part is to be used as a sales item, then roles are assigned to these core business objects, the company is assigned the role "customer", the part the role "sales item".

In the case of the company, partner functions are referred to as partner roles, and in the case of the part, partial roles.

Partner functions

  • Contact person
  • User
  • Operator
  • Manufacturer
  • Interested party
  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Client
  • Employees
  • Forwarding agent
  • Representative
  • Publisher
  • ...

Part Rolls

  • Order article
  • Spare part
  • Production part
  • Special sales section
  • Articles for sale
  • Sales set
  • ...

Some roles can be assigned to a core business object more than once, e.g. a sales article role can be assigned to a part, e.g. to present the same part to different customer groups with different focuses.

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